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gotextralove's Journal

Got Extra Love?
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Welcome to Got Extra Love, a blinkie/pixel community run by estrella_blanca. The community is a members only community, meaning the posts with offers and such will be locked to members only. If you'd like to be added, please read this post. ^_^

. r u l e s.
o1. Don't cause drama.
o2. Please don't redistribute the blinkies or claim them as your own.
o3. Give credit where credit is due. :) Hover tags, alt tags, or even a line under that says "Made by estrella_blanca @ gotextralove".

. l i n k s .
gallery x affiliates x sales post x loved list

. a f f i l i a t e s .


. c r e d i t s .
layout by reversescollide
pixels from pixelpeach
blinkie boxes, drawn by me, and bases by vampyregoddess

Hey you over there don't be shy, come over here?
I betcha got extra love.
Whatcha hoardin' it for? Life's got so much in store,
For someone with extra love.
Don't try to hide, you can't keep it inside.
You might as well give up your extra love.
'Cuz if you want love to stay, you gotta give it away.
You gotta give up, give up, give up...
Your extra love!
~ "Who's Got Extra Love?" (Company of "Zanna, Don't!")